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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Revolitionary War Banner made by Moravian Nuns

During the siege of Savanah by the British, the red and gold banner embroidered by Moravian Nuns was saved by one of General Pulaski's lieutenants and delivered by him to Captain Bentalou, who, upon retiring from the army, took it with him to his residence in Baltimore. In 1824, the banner was used by the young ladies of Philadelphia on the occasion of welcoming General La Fayette to the city, then deposited in the Peal's Museum where it remained until 1844, then given to the Moravian Historical Society and hangs today in that institution.  <a href=""> See banner</a>

<a href="">Biographical Sketches of Georgia's colonial settlers (and what happened to them) is available to members of  <a href="">Georgia Pioneers</a>

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