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Monday, January 2, 2012

"The Wanderer", Slave Ship

"The Wanderer" was designed to be a luxury racing yacht in New York, however, when William Corrie purchased her, he began using the vessel to transport cargoes of African slaves. On November 28, 1858, 407 Africans were taken to Jekyll Island, Georgia with the assistance of Charles Lamar.  A bound volume in the U. S. Circuit Court in Savannah contains several cases and offenses involving the vessel. Among the crimes listed was importing Africans, piracy, rescue of a jailed inmate and theft of "the Wanderer". The people indicted Charles A. L. Lamar, Richard F. Aiken, Nelson Trowbridge, John Dubignon, Henry Dubignon Jr., John S. Montmollin, Thomas Bourke, Nicholas Brown, John . Tucker, Randolph L. Mott, William C. Currie, William Brailsford, David S. Martin, Miguel Arguirir, Juan Rajesta and Egbert Farnum.
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