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Friday, January 4, 2013

Augustine Creek

Augustine Creek. Several of the very first settlers to Savannah built their homes on this creek. Thomas Causton, the magistrate, built "Ockstead" and planted 500 mulberry trees, but his affairs were muddied in politics and he returned to England to save his good name. However, upon his return to Savannah, the ship struck a sandbar in near St. Simons, and he drowned. Eventually, his niece took possession of the house after his death. Another settler was Francis Bathurst of the peerage. The last baron in his family, he  came to Savannah in hopes of improving his lot, however, his circumstances were laced with a poor economy and bad luck.  My book Colonial Georgians was thoroughly researched and is included in the membership of Georgia Pioneers under the Colonial section and details many of such affairs.

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