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Monday, March 25, 2013

Revolutionary War: Fall of Savannah

Colonel Mark Prevost moved up the coast of Florida, this time by sea, leading an army of 2,000 men. On this second invasion of Savannah, he captured Sunbury and entered Savannah to join Colonel Campbell. This gave the English a combined fore of 4,000 men and Colonel Prevost was given control of Savannah while Colonel Campbell turned his command up the Savannah River in a triumph sweep. He took Bethesda and the Saltzburgers were scattered. During the four years which followed the patriots distinguished themselves in devasting guerrilla warfare. Among them were William and Benjamin Few and John Twiggs. Colonel Campbell then dispatched raiders upriver from Augusta into Wilkes County. The Georgia militia scattered themselves through north Georgia and South Carolina and continued their guerrilla tactics.  Many of the revolutionary pensions describe this fight, including the battle of Kettle Creek in Wilkes County.  The Few genealogy is traced and included on Georgia Pioneers

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