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Friday, March 15, 2013

Revolutionary War: Georgia's Military Commander

The Savannah defense from the British consisted of a battalion of 236 men under the command of Colonel Lachlan McIntosh, 60 cavalry along the Florida border and a few scattered troops on the frontiers protecting against Indians. Button Gwinnett returned home from Philadelphia with papers of resolutions adopted by the Congress, including instructions to raise an army in Georgia. He rode 800 miles on horseback, stopping in Virginia and Carolina to visit friends. Gwinnett had been responsible for putting through the Continental Congress the resolutions providing for Georgia's military establishment and saw himself in the role of a military commander. He wanted to command the brigade that was to be raised in Georgia. Instead, the Continental Congress had selected Colonel Lachlan McIntosh whose friend was George Walton, to become General. Pictured is General Lachlan McIntosh. The Gwinnett, Walton and McIntosh genealogies are on Georgia Pioneers

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