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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Revolutionary War: Stem the Tide

After Rev. Zubley quit, the Second Georgia Provincial Congress was firm in its resolutions and determination. In fact, it advised Governor Wright of their plans. There was no longer an secrecy. The Governor had no luck in attempting to convene the regularly Georgia Colonial Assembly to check the tide of revolt and keep the colony in the empire. However, most of the members of the Georgia Colonial Assembly were also members of the Provincial Congress and they moved quickly to establish their own government. They took over the courts and the militia and seized the custom house. Governor Wright appealed to England for troops, but the home government did not wish to stir up armed resistance. The Governor then asked for his own recall, but was instructed to remain in Georgia "to stem the tide". Finally, in 1776, he was arrested as a precaution when two British warships sailed into the Savannah River and anchored off Tybee Island. The Governor escaped and took refuge on the ships. Georgians were relieved as they did not wish to persecute the man who had been a good and able administrator of affairs.

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