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Friday, December 27, 2013

Sir Frances Bathurst

Sir Bathurst resided near the home of Thomas Causton
Among the poor souls who came to Savannah was Sir Francis Bathurst (1675-1736), who was born in Lechlade, Gloucestershire.  He was the heir from a long line of dukes to an estate of debts and it was this situation which encouraged him to take his chances in the new colony. Upon his arrival he obtained a land grant of 200 acres of land on  Augustine Creek. He brought several servants with him to Savannah, however, they did not survive very long in the hot climate. Bathurst's story is one of great sorrow. His wife died soon after they arrived and a daughter drowned in the creek. He was not adept at farm work and was sometimes helped by Thomas Causton, the local magistrate. In desperation, he married a widow in Savannah, after having heard that she was wealthy.  However, this gossip proved to be wrong and her own personal debt served to saddle Sir Bathurst with more problems.  His biographical sketch is on Georgia Pioneers in the "Colonal" secction (available to members).

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