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Saturday, March 1, 2014

The History of Johnson Square.

Johnson Square
Johnson square, drawn in the plans for Savannah by James Edward Oglethorpe, was the first square used by the settlers. It was set in the shady trees of magnolias and live-oaks and was named for Governor Johnson of South Carolina. Oglethorpe was on friendly terms with the governor and enlisted his aid in a failed blockaide of the Spanish armada in St. Augustine, Florida.  As it turns out, Governor Johnson was his only ally and willing to assist Oglethorpe in deterring the Spanish. The seige on St. Augustine failed for several reasons One, Johnson's ships were caught in the sandy reefs of the St. John's River, and the walls of the fort could not be penetrated.  Initially, the square was fenced with logs and had a watering trough for horses.  It was surrounded by "the market" where farmers sold their crops. All walkways were dirt foot paths.  The best way to get the flavor of these times, is to read the correspondence in Candler's History of Georgia..

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