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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Malcontents

The years of 1740 to about 1743 were hardship years to those residing in Savannah.  They were suffering from drought and poverty. The indentured servants were unable to maintain good health in the climate and were a steady stream of run-aways.  Too, there existed a group of persons called "malcontents" in Savannah who complained about everything and refused to work. The following colonists ran away from the colony, usually due to poverty, debts, or laziness. Some of them returned, but most of the run-aways went to Charleston, South Carolina. Thus, if you did not find them in Georgia, Charleston is a logical place to search next..
  1. Addison, Will. and his family, October 1740
  2. Burnside, Ja. selling off his cattle, and going to Carolina, 1740
  3. Desborough, carpenter, from Savannah to Carolina some months since, returned. 6 February 1738.
  4. Faulcon, Jacob and his son, October. 1740
  5. Faulcon, John and his son, left Frederica 1741
  6. Hughes, a Smith, settled at Abercorn, ran away to Carolina, with his family. 6 February 1738.
  7. Hughes, a tallow-chandler of Savannah, October 1738. Also, Gould (accountant at the stores) and Hurst, a Writing Clerk.
  8. Levally,Jo, Jr. and his family, October 1740
  9. Macintosh, Jo. Holmes of Darien went to Carolina, October 1740
  10. Mitchell, Andrew and his family, October. 1740
  11. Pratt, Thomas to sell his house; returned to England, left Savannah 1735. 
Source: Colonial Georgians by Jeannette Holland Austin available to members of Georgia Pioneers in the Colonial category

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