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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Secession: New York Ships Seized in Fort Pulaski Harbor

Fort Pulaski, Savannah

1861: The secession of Georgia was quickly followed by the seizure of Fort Pulaski at Savannah and the arsenal of Augusta by orders of Governor Brown. In the meanwhile, a shipment of muskets from New York to a firm in Georgia was seized in New York and held there. Governor Brown sent a wire to Governor Morgan of New York demanding that the guns be surrendered to his agent in New York. Not receiving a reply for several days Governor Brown ordered the seizure of ships in the Savannah harbor belonging to the citizens of New York. The ships were held until Georgia's agent in New York reported that the guns were released. But then being advised that the New York authorities had once more seized the guns, the Governor ordered more ships seized at Savannah. The State Government passed ordinances regulating interstate trade, postal arrangements, etc. and sent delegates to the Southern Convention which met in Montgomery on February 4th to organize the Confederate Government.

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