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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Revolutionary War: Archibald Bulloch

During the scare of Savannah (battle of the rice boats), the show of British force was disturbing to the residents. The Provincial Congress met a third time, in Augusta where they organized the new state government, formally electing Archibald Bulloch as the first president of Georgia and commander in chief of its military fores. They drafted a temporary  constitution, reorganized the Council of Safety with the requirement that the president must consult with it. They also organized a judicial system and decreed that all existing laws not in conflict with the new state of affairs should continued. They also filled two vacancies, that of Dr. Zubly and Noble Jones, who wanted to retired for a time to his plantation to be with his aging father. The congress chose Button Gwinnett and George Walton. Pictured is Archibald Bulloch. The Bulloch, Walton, Jones, Zubly and Gwinnett genealogies are traced on Georgia Pioneers

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