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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Revolutionary War: "Georgia is Lost"

General Lincoln conceived the idea of a combined sea and land assault to recover Savannah. Coount d'Estaing, exultant over his easy victories in the southern sea, was induced to come to Savannah to play his part in what appeared to be another opportunity to add to his triumphs. He arrived with his fleet off Savannah before General Lincoln had moved up with his army. Cleverly, when the French admiral demanded surrender of the port, the British delayed their reply long enough to get reinforcements from South Carolina. These forces eventually surrounded the city, by land and by sea. Then General Lincoln brought up his troops. The American and French advantage was almost three to one, 6,500 against 2,500. For three weeks the allies sat about the city in a ring of siege without result. Then they joined in an assault which was unsuccessful. D'Estaing withdrew his fleet and General Lincoln hurried his badly beaten army back into South Carolina. Georgia was now given up for lost, and General Lincoln was to try and hold South Carolina, if possible. But the British captured Charleston and took General Lincoln as prisoner of war. Pictured is General Benjamin Lincoln.

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