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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Revolutionary War:The Battle of Kettle Creek

February 14, 1779. The British army continued his crossing of the Savannah River into Georgia. Captain Anderson had attempted to prevent the British passage, and joined the other American forces assembled to pursuit the Tory army as it headed down river on the Georgia side. Colonel Boyd halted his loyalists on a farm on the north side of Kettle Creek where that stream enters the Savannah. The horses were turned out to forage among the weeds of the swamp and men busied themselves about food. They rounded up some cattle and slaughtered them, and parched some corn. They were surprised by the American army, but quickly rallied as the Americans had to cross the swamp to get at them. Colonel Boyd was mortally wounded. The Americans were out-maneuvered along Brier Creek and lost the battle.

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