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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Revolutionary War: Savannah Revolutionaries

The Georgia colonists supposed that the king would heed to their request concerning the tea tax. Of course he did not simply he did not have the authority to repeal an act of Parliament. When the first shot was fired at Lexington, Massachusetts arrived on May 10th, 1775,  it lit the patriotic fervor of several Georgians who led a raid upon the colonial powder magazine, which was the property of the king's government. They were: Noble Jones, Edward Telfair, Joseph Habersham and John Milledge, all of these genealogies are traced on Georgia Pioneers
They seized the powder and sent part of it along with a shipment of rice and some money, to Boston. An old legend has it that this powder was used in the Battle of Bunker Hill. Pictured is King George III, the king who lost America.

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