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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Aaron Burr's Refuge South

Butler Plantation near Altamaha River and Couper Plantation. After Aaron Burr killed Alexander Hamilton in 1804, he hide from the public life by residing on St.Simon's Island for several weeks. It was here that he wrote his daughter, Theodosia, about the lavish establishment of the Butler Plantation located on the island (one of many). Major Butler lived in grand style, the best their was for that era. He married the actress Fanny Kemble who wrote the book against plantation life. Yet Burr bragged about his experience on the plantation, saying that he had his own personal servant, a house-keeper, cook and chambermaid, as well as a seamstress and two footmen, two fishermen and four boatmen were always at his command. The Butler plantation adjoined that of John Couper, who sent him over an assortment of French wines, claret and saunternes, and Madame Couper added sweetmeats and pickles sufficient to last twelve months.

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